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Anime Girl Sad Death. It has a happy tone but it reminds you of something sad -"Continued Story" by Hitomi. Since it's the funeral that often makes these deaths so sad, this list is also kind of a Please vote for the anime characters deaths that made you cry, and add any to the list if that character is not already here.

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She does not deserve to die after all she has been through especially the thing about her cousin very sad. It was like I needed someone's support. I could not care for someone who I was being made to dislike you are free to disagree but it's my decision Also how can you not feel for the crying girl who just lost her brother?

I was so sad about it.

Join Ashley as he counts down the death scenes in anime that made every fan weep, as seen in such hit series as.

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Anime Girl Sad Death

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Some of them put on a happy or angry fa├žade, while you can tell that Regardless of their outward appearance, there's something about these gloomy girls of anime that we simply adore. I've seen many Anime and I've cried through a lot of scenes too. From a Shonen to a romance, there are many sad scene but this is a list of the saddest deaths in anime (in my opinion).