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Anime Girl Red Hair Character. Red haired anime girls are the rarest type of characters. Anyways, her life changes one day when a man enters her Chiyo Sakura is the main character from the anime series 'Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun'.

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The top countries of supplier is China, from which the percentage. Anime hair: from shape and color to the potential it could change if you scream loudly enough, anime tends to get a little wacky. Red haired anime characters have become strong fan favorites over the years, maybe because they stand out and are always full of life and energy.

Anime picture vocaloid vocaloid china luo tianyi yuezheng ling ask (askzy) long hair tall image black hair simple background red eyes multiple girls looking away white.

There are many characters in anime universe with hair color green, white and purple.

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She is a friendly girl who is bright and quite cheerful. This list is all about the anime girls with red hair who reflect the features associated with the color red. I honestly would love to see a character development in her like how they did for Akame throughout the series.