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Anime Girl Character Pink Hair. If you've also been blessed with that color This anime girl with pink hair and pink eyes can stimulate so many ladies to get pink contacts. Pink hair anime girls often have stunning green eyes.

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Her character design was meant to be likable, as stated by the character designer, and it sure did workーit may have due in part to her pink hair, which makes her stand out even more than if she had a more conventional shade. A friend with pink hair will try her best to Are the stereotypes really true? This list features mostly female characters, but there are certainly some boys in anime with pink hair as well (though it's not very common).

Anime girls and boys with pink hair.

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Although pink hair might suggest innocence, there are still characters like Lucy from Elfen Lied that you certainly wouldn't want to take lightly. Pink hair anime girls often have stunning green eyes. Anyone who's under the illusion that all things pink are to be placed under the category of "kawaii" need an awakening, because these girls with pink hair are far from being marshmallows or show pieces.