Anime Girl Hair Shading

Anime Girl Hair Shading. Shading in hair is my favorite thing to do because it can really bring dimension to an artwork. Shading hair is so much fun, that I always look forward doing it.

Anime-Hair Shading Tutorial by PossibleBit on DeviantArt
Anime-Hair Shading Tutorial by PossibleBit on DeviantArt (Paul Patterson)

But hair color is also Or how pink hair might mean that you are either a psychic or a psycho. Those twirled hair locks give the impression that they could easily drill through thick boards of timber! Pastel Shade Hair by Kanna Kamui.

The next step is to lay down the first shadow color, I more than often use slightly cold shadow color.

However, I know that that some of you are eager to add a bit of shading to your anime girl.

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Fan animation about Kaynimatic's oc and also last animation of this year! This is the first episode to my tutorial series. Short Hair Anime Girl. by @Uyên Thy.

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