Most Powerful Anime Girl Character

Most Powerful Anime Girl Character. Her cyberization has made her less emotionally inclined than others but she's definitely still has feelings on the inside. Anime is filled with powerful guys.

Top Super Powerful Female Anime Characters » Anime India
Top Super Powerful Female Anime Characters » Anime India (Alberta Powell)

A common theme among many anime movies and TV shows is supernatural abilities beyond anyone's wildest imagination. Asuna is a skilled sword-wielder, Misaka is one of the top espers in Academy City while Kallen is one of the best mecha-pilots in the entire Code Geass. These are the best and strongest anime characters ever made, ranked.

It's not just physical power but also the power of love she and her gui.

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Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail has so many amazing abilities that if she were a D&D character the dungeon master would flip over the board in frustration. Kiss-shot is the type of character that makes you remember how powerful and awesome vampires are. These three girls are among the strongest and most powerful in their own fields.

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