Anime Girl Character Name List

Anime Girl Character Name List. From Yumeiro Patissiere, the main character's name is Amano Ichigo. For female characters in other animated films or series, see Category:Female characters in animation.

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This page lists all the characters appearing throughout the My Hero Academia manga, anime and My Hero Academia: Vigilantes manga. Whether they're featured in action-packed bits or artistic pieces, these monikers Explore our list of amazing anime girl names. Units are evaluated at the constellation marked on their portrait and by their preferred roles.

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Character profiles starting with A (English & Japanese names).

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Girl Anime Character Names | Latest Comics Episode

Girl Anime Character Names | Latest Comics Episode

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Anime girl names can have meanings revolving around things like love, beauty, nature, or light, but If the name is given with no meaning, what does that mean for that person? Matsushiro Mito isn't her real name – she's actually a reincarnation of the goddess Kikuramikami no Hime of the spiritual Tayuti race. Genshin Impact Best Characters Tier List.

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