Sad Anime Girl Deaths

Sad Anime Girl Deaths. She does not deserve to die after all she has been through especially the thing about her cousin very sad. There was no fantasy world or demons.

#die #depression #death #suicidegirl #broken #cut #blood ...
#die #depression #death #suicidegirl #broken #cut #blood … (Rosie Shelton)

Join Ashley as he counts down the death scenes in anime that made every fan weep, as seen in such hit series as. There was no fantasy world or demons. This death resulted to a sad ending of the anime.

L's death was twisted on so many levels.

It gave the show a bitter-sweet ending that will never be erased from.

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I've seen many Anime and I've cried through a lot of scenes too. From a Shonen to a romance, there are many sad scene but this is a list of the saddest deaths in anime (in my opinion). And not to mention the ending song!

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